My Best Friend Forever

This is my best friend forever.. Her name is Alia Nadhirah.. We become best friends since year 5.. Let me tell you how I met her.. We been classmates since 2007 that's when I was 9 years old.. 4th year I was in the first class then I had to enter the second class.. I was a complete stranger in that class.. I was supposed to sit beside Zaliha but Zaliha said she forgot that she's supposed to sit beside Zulaikha so i sat behind Zulaikha and Zaliha.. Suddently, Alia stood beside me and asked "sblh nih kosong x?" at that time I didn't know that Zaliha was supposed to sit beside Zulaikha so i answered "x..".. After that I realized Zaliha sat beside Zulaikha.. Then, there's a voice sounded like this "eemm..sblh nih kosong x?" I looked up and answered with a smile on my face"a'ah kosong.." That's when our friendship started.. I'll never forget how we met, Alia!!Both of us got the same results for our UPSR but we went to different high school.. We still keep in touch even know we were separated.. She's always there when i need her.. ILYSM Alia Nadhirah!! You are the twin sister, and the best friend that I never had.. =') Thanks for being there for me..

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