My Happy Friend

This is Syarifah Nurzulaikha.. She used to be the one who loves to make me smile.. Whenever I'm sad, she makes me laugh and it always work.. She's My Happy Friends.. She is teacher Syarifah's little sister.. Now let me tell you how I met her.. It also happened when I was 11 years old.. 5 Intan got a new classmate, it was her.. Since 5 Intan was packed so she moved to the first class.. The first time I saw her I was like completely dislike her.. I thought she's the one that teacher Syarifah always talked about.. Teacher said that she have a little sister that's good in Bahasa Melayu.. That time I was the top student of Bahasa Melayu in class so I don't want anyone to beat me.. When I heard that she had to move to the first class, I was relief.. The next year, I'm still stuck in the second class but it's okay caused Alia was there with me.. On the first day of school 2010, I was waiting for Alia in the class, suddenly Syarifah came to me and asked "sblh awk kosong x?" I looked at her and answered "sorry, ader org.." Then she walked away.. Ironically we got a new seating assignment and she end up sitting in front of me.. Then it turned up very well.. I'm having a great time with her.. She always turned up my mood.. Sometimes when she's sad, its my turn to make her smile but usually I'm the one who's always sad.. And now we are separated but we are never separated in our heart.. =) Thank You, Syarifah!! I'll never regret knowing you..

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