One Of My Really Closes Friend

Okay..This is one of my really closes friend and she's in the waja gang..Her name is Siti Zaliha.. Her nickname is Ceah.. She is really nice,cute,funny, and she is as crazy like me.. We were friends since 2007 that's is when I'm 9 years old.. The first time I saw her, I had no doubt to be friends with her.. So we just play like we know each other.. That's how i met her.. Okay, I'm not finish yet describing her.. Hahaha!! Zaliha is also popular in her school.. Lots of guys like her.. For me, Zaliha is simple and i like it!! Oh and when she is texting, her hand move very fast.. Haha, I'm impressed.. Whatever she wear, she's always look nice..You are my superstar ad my crazy twin, Ceah.. Haha, ILYSM...

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