Its been a long time since my last post. Lots of things happen. So my PMR result wasn't what I had expected but alhamdulillah, its way better than my trial result and I accept it. So I got to 4Sci LK. Well it wasn't according to my plan and I don't know how it happen but I was selected as the class's monitor. Its a boys class, right now there are 20 boys and 9 girls, and the monitor is a girl, can u even imagine that. I thought changing to 4 Account but somehow I feel like something is keeping me there, I feel like I belong there so I stayed and it's been 6 months I stayed in that class. Well, there was fighting, working together, stress moment and all. And I never feel so busy. How come people said form 4 is a honeymoon year, not at all. So midterm is over and I doubt that my results is as worst as ever. I'll try again with full effort for the final. May Allah ease everything. That's all, bye.

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