Mental breakdown

I've always try to stay strong, I know I am emotional and I always act too emotional and deep down, I've always try to be strong facing everything. And just now, that very moment, I can't hold it. Yes, I am a person who is very hard to cry. And lastly I cried just now for 5 mins. Alone at the back of the school, again trying to be strong. Aku marah salah, aku happy tegur kau pon salah, pe benda kau nak. Nk annoyed sgt mcm lah kau tk pernah cen tu. Cermin diri sendiri dulu lah weh. Kau tau tak sakit, sbb kau setelah hampir setahun aku tk nangis, kau buat aku terus mental breakdown sia. Betapa lama aku tahan segala kesakitan aku. You don't know my story, I may seems like I told you everything but actually I don't so don't make your own assumptions. I am better off being alone.

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